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Portuguese dining at it's best!

Casa Nossa is a family establishment owned by Luiz dos Passos, offering a warm, friendly atmosphere to share a meal with family and friends at any time of the day or evening. Casa Nossa is a warm & inviting restaurant with friendly staff and great food, making it ideal for any meal, function or occasion. Casa Nossa specialises in traditional Portuguese cuisine, catering for everyday meals, group events, conferences & all special occasions. Casa Nossa invites you to indulge in its deli

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What our customers have to say:
  • Igna Roux
    Ons geniet dit vreeslik baie. Dit us nou 3 jaar dat ons elke Vrydag aand daar gaan eet.Bestel gewoonlik peri peri hoender.Was nog nooit teleurgesteld gewrees nie.Diens is puik en waiters vriendelik.
    Igna Roux
  • Willem Labuschagne
    Very nice venue. The restaurant is very busy. We had a platter of starters and for the main meal. The prawns were outstanding, ans so was the ribs and chicken. For good true Portugese food, look no further.
    Willem Labuschagne
  • Geni Louw
    Friendly waiters,multiracial people which was a bonus as it made me feel even more comfy and the FOOD was totally awesome. It was my second time there and enjoyed it even more.
    Geni Louw
  • Paul Wainwright
    Our favourite place to eat in Springs. It doesn't change over the years. The food is excellent, the service is friendly and it's just a great place to be. Our top recommend to everyone needing a place to eat in "Suspension City"
    Paul Wainwright
  • Ronel Nortje Taljaard
    Wowwww!!!! Best food! So glad there is Sushi on the menu now. We tried other places in the mall and in Nigel because we have tasted all of the old menu. Those guys are WAY too expensive. Special thanks to the lovely lady who always serves us with a smile - she's a keeper. We even ordered supper - take away! The good music choice was simply an unexpected add-on. Will be back soon.
    Ronel Nortje Taljaard

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